Retirees Letter to the Director About Malheur NWR Illegal Occupation Issue

FWS Retirees Associationmembers asked our Chairman, Bob Streeter, to express an opinion regarding the Malheur NWR illegal occupation. Bob wrote a letter to Dan Ashe, Director of the USFWS, in which he expressed the need for continued protection of our public lands in general rather than on Malheur specifically, offered the resources of the members of our Association as an "advisory resource if called upon", and urged him "to share the facts of the situation when it is prudent to do so".

Click here to read the letter, which was sent on January 8th.


Denny HollandDenny Holland

We are sad to announce that one of the FWS Retirees founding members, Denny Holland, has passed away after battling cancer for the last couple of years. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Denny Holland had a remarkable life full of experiences, including more than 30 years of active service with the FWS. You can read his full obituary here:

The family of Denny Holland has requested that those wishing to remember Denny do so with a donation to the FWS Retirees Association.

You can also visit the FWS Retirees Page on Facebook for more information.


Grant Application Deadline Extended

The grant application deadline for the FWS Retirees Association's anniversary celebration grants has been extended to November 30, 2015 for events scheduled from January through June 2016.

(Applications for events from July through December 2016 should be submitted by April 30, 2016.)  The FWS Retirees Association has a special account to support anniversary events that promote the rich heritage and missions of the Fish and Wildlife Service. Anniversaries of  50, 75, 100 and more years are eligible.  Friends groups may apply for matching funds to support these significant anniversary events. 

Click here to print an application - fill it out, scan it, and attach it to an e-mail. Send the e-mail with completed grant application attached to:


Website Reorganization

New Heritage tab

The focus of the FWS Heritage Committee is to help guide an orderly process to foster:

  1. Understanding and appreciation of the Service’s unique history and values in natural resource conservation; as a source of pride and motivation for Service employees; and as a context for future FWS policy and action.
  2. Involvement and engagement of present and past employees in the heritage of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  3. Preservation and use of important historical treasures, documents, objects and information to educate Service employees and the public.
  4. Preservation of the “people connections” of past and present employees.

To highlight this important work, a new Heritage tab has been created on the menu. Click on it to read more about the on-going work of the FWS Heritage Committee.

New Support tab

Click on the Support tab on the menu and then select Projects to find out more about the projects that the FWS Retirees Association supports. This is also where you can find information about upcoming Anniversaries and Celebrations.

Friends groups of Refuges, Fish Hatcheries and other FWS facilities may apply for a matching grant to support significant anniversary celebrations of their facilities, e.g. 50th, 75th, 100th etc. anniversary. Click on the Support tab and then select on Anniversaries to read more and download an application. 


South Africa in February 2016African sunset

Did the this year's long winter leave you wanting for some fun and sun? Were you tired of shoveling snow for what seemed like three times a day? Well, we have have the cure for you! You can turn winter into summer and join us for a South African Safari! The trip scheduled for February 2016 will be the third that the FWS Retirees has supported.  Our hosts, the Viljeon's, the owners of Chazen Game Reserve, have planned a wonderful experience. As in year's past, in exchange for a reduced rate, we will do a small conservation project, go on daily game drives on their 40,000 acre reserve, learn about the culture and geology or the area, and take a 3 day safari to Pilanesburg National Park.  

The dates for next winter's safari are January 31 (arriving in Johannesburg February 1) through February 11. In the past many have extended their stay to include a long weekend in Cape Town or have gone onto another safari. The costs for this all inclusive trip is $2500 per person plus airfare. This is about a 30% off the regular price. Once you land in Johannesburg all your lodging, meals, drinks, entry fees and transportation are paid. The number of slots are limited and some have already been reserved.

If you are interested contact Donna Stanek at or by calling 505 917 2023.


FWS Retirees Association

What's New? Our Logo!  

The Retirees Association logo has been updated with the help of the graphics group at NCTC. The new look also gives us graphics files that we were missing with the old one and thus limited what we could put the old logo on. Hope you like our new look!  

P.S. Did you know that when the main feature on heraldry faces the dexter side, it is the place of honor? 


2015 Reunion Attendees - Are You In This Photo?

2015 Reunion Attendees

© Marvin Moriarty 2015

Wild Read: FWS Online Book Club

An online FWS book club called "Wild Read" is run by the NCTC Archives and Library. Many of the books have to do with FWS Issues and anyone can participate across the country. The URL is:

The book for may is "Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce, and Conservation" by Paul J. Baicich, Margaret A. Barker, and Carrol L. Henderson.

We celebrate International Migratory Bird Day in May so in recognition of this event, a Wild Read reading frenzy began May 1 with this brand new, hot-off-the-press book. Two of the three authors, Paul Baicich and Margaret A Barker, are moderating this blog discussion so stay tuned for their posts and join the vibrant discussion at

- Mark Madison, Ph.D., the U.S. FWS Historican, NCTC Archives/Museum


Board Offers Free Membership for First Year

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Our 2015 Focus Areas

  • Preserving and highlighting the rich history of the Service,
  • Mentoring youth and new employees,
  • Learning about current conservation challenges and successes,
  • Periodic reunions,
  • National and international volunteer projects,
  • Helping celebrate significant anniversaries of FWS facilities and programs

What We Did in 2014

The FWS Retirees Association had a very productive and successful year.  Highlights include:

  • Completed our second international volunteer trip to South Africa
  • Accelerated our efforts to obtain the oral histories of those who have made a difference in the work and accomplishments of FWS and/or in the natural resources conservation field (NCTC has provided funds to purchase digital recording equipment and cover expenses)
  • Helped support the sixth National Student Climate and Conservation Congress (SC3) at NCTC.
  • Provided funding to NCTC to purchase books
  • Board met with Directorate to share ideas on retirees’ continuing support for Service mission and heritage and Service support of retirees.
  • Supported anniversary events that promote the rich heritage and missions of the Service at Carolina Sandhills NWR, Ridgefield NWR, and Dungeness NWR
  • Assisted with memorial ceremonies for Fallen Comrades.
  • Planned and organized the 2015 Reunion in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Sent newsletters to 2,700 retirees and kept the website up-to-date
  • Maintained the database so retirees can keep current with the Service through Fish & Wildlife News, Refuge Update, and Eddies 
  • Kept members updated through quarterly newsletters and an up-to-date website